Our unique fitting system ensures that children have the correct width fitting in both the left and right shoe.
Each foot is measured separately and with the use of our 3 insoles we are able to offer 5 different width fittings in each shoe.


Did you know?

It is common for children to have slightly different width feet!
Most shoes come in one width fitting, which often doesn't fit both feet comfortably.
Fit Left Fit Right allows each foot to have the correct width fitting, comfortably supporting every step they take!





We have designed an easy to follow printable fitting guide.
Allowing you to safely measure your children's feet from the comfort of your home before ordering online.




Do I need to buy the insoles?
All our Fit Left Fit Right shoes come with all 3 insoles free of charge (a removable yellow is already inside the shoe).

Are all your school shoes Fit Left Fit Right?
Not all our school shoes are Fit Left Fit Right, we also offer a range of standard fitting school shoes.
For Fit Left Fit Right shoes look out for our logo Fit Left Fit Right

What if my child has different width feet?
This is where our unique system comes into play you can put a different width insole in each shoe!

Is there a standard width option?
Yes, we recommend the yellow insole.

Are the insoles removable?
Yes, your Fit Left Fit Right shoes will come with a yellow insole inside the shoe and two sets of insoles inside the box,
the yellow is removable to replace with whichever insole is perfect for the child's feet.




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